A walk to remember

Ladakh is slowly falling in a slumber! Everything is shutting down…markets, restaurants; the streets get deserted by 8 pm and everything gets dark as people prepare to call it a night, all cozy and cuddled in their homes trying to beat the cold. Walking down the dark alleys, the only companions are the stray dogs … More A walk to remember

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here…songs are on, with splashes of red, green and candles all around, adding to the warmth of Christmas lighting on this cold winter morning. The spirits are high… absolutely love this time of the year. A Merry Christmas to everyone. God bless! ­čÖé


This is the last shot from my recent road trip. I just love how everything looked blue as the sun was setting…as if looking through a filter and that sheen in the river flowing besides me. It felt so calm driving in absolute silence and looking at the scenery change…It felt I was in a … More Journeys!

First Winter!

Winter in Ladakh…and the survival begins!! I love winters and this one will be my first in Ladakh. The last time I wanted to stay, I was suggested I go down to the plains as the winters here are very harsh and linger till April. But now I have decided to experience it as the … More First Winter!

Stuck in a moment

“Having walked the shadows I shall break free & follow my heart’s desire For my soul wishes to be free and make its own path… walking the lands, watching the sun hide behind the giant brown mountains with its gleaming last rays, only to embrace the darkness and the sky glittering with a thousand stars, … More Stuck in a moment

A wandering soul!

“When I say I want to travel I don’t mean I want to stay at resorts, follow tourist guides and buy key chains as souvenirs. When I say I want to travel, I mean I want to become a part of that place, discover small coffee shops, hike, meet people that are not like me … More A wandering soul!