In Black & White !!

Majority of Ladakh region is cold, barren and deserted as the name suggests…’Land of high passes’. It is said that Ladakh starts where civilisation ends. I can very well vouch for that as I have travelled distant places and found mankind living in the remotest of areas, in God forsaken places. The climate shows no … More In Black & White !!

Wild and free…

I have been lucky enough to experience both summer and extreme winters in Ladakh and with it watch the nature change the sceneries drastically. In two words…”JAW DROPPING”. This is a shot from my visit to Pangong Tso in April, last year. Pangong Tso in Tibetan means, “high grassland lake”. It is an endorheic lake … More Wild and free…

Beautiful Giant

So, I was having my breakfast while watching TV and I noticed snowflakes falling softly outside my window. Snowfall just totally gets me all excited like a kid but since I have experienced so many before , I just sat back watching TV and finishing my breakfast. But the urge of standing next to the … More Beautiful Giant

A new beginning!

Hey friends! A very ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ to all !! It has been a really long time since I wrote a post and apologize for the same. I have been in transition to be honest and so my life sort of got disrupted a bit… packing bags and setting up a temporary home for just … More A new beginning!