Hi, welcome to my site!

I am Neha.

I am an Interior Designer and a Graphic designer who because of constant travels decided to switch gears and take a different road.  Now being a traveler & a photographer, I couldn’t be happier. Born to roam, I am in India and have been/ will be travelling a lot. Consumed by wanderlust and an appetite for life , I love exploring and capturing moments/ landscapes/ streets/ places and people (with their stories in brief). As the name of my site suggests, it is basically about sharing with you all the wonderful places I have captured in my travels and my experiences. My Photography is my personal journey, about how I feel and look at life.

Currently exploring Ladakh (India).

I hope you enjoy my tales and if you do wish to see more of my photography, I am on Instagram as the.road.beckons

Else feel free to join me in my travels here! 🙂



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