Icy blues!


John Muir said “You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you.”

Even though I have spent most of my life in plains, mountains have a special hold on me…My heart and my soul both belong to them! When I am in the mountains ‘I come to life’…this is the best way I can describe my love for them.

For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you know well by now that the three years I spent in these giant’s lap (Ladakh, India), were the best years of my life. I still have a lot to learn from them and explore. The journey will never end!

Let me tell you a bit about the photograph above! The shot was taken during one of the road trips. The confluence of the Zanskar River (from top) and the Indus (bottom flowing from left to right) is 3 km southeast of Nimmu village in Ladakh. It is one of the places you should definitely visit when in Ladakh.

Nimmu is a beautiful valley. The Indus River serves as a lifeline to the dry and deserted terrains of Ladakh and Zanskar, on the other hand, is a tributary of this river and merges into it from the north-eastern direction. The place is popular for rafting in summers and also makes for some breathtaking views.

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