Embracing Simplicity!

Nature weighs heavily over Man’s intentions in Ladakh!

Because of man’s inability to infiltrate with his greed that these mountains, rivers and the skies have managed to preserve their virgin beauty. No wonder Ladakh attracts so many tourists from all over the world, some who come simply for the beauty it has to offer and those who come in search of answers to life…the answers that can only be found once you connect to the soul of the universe. The universe that exists in this very land, the people and the colorfully painted monasteries. You will never leave this place feeling empty.

A place where the smiles are genuine and people simply help out of love and empathy without any favors. Where the land and it’s people are as pure as the mountain air.

You don’t have to come to Ladakh with a purpose…All you have to do is be present in the moment and the place will connect to you. The mountains, the roads, the skies and the people will all connect to you in ways that will make your soul happy. My suggestion…come with an open heart and absorb whatever this magical place has to offer…Ladakh has a lot to offer!

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