“Home is where the heart is!!”


Yes that’s exactly how it is for me!

For the past three years I have looked at these beautiful mountain peaks and never once have I ever gotten bored with them. In fact, it’s been a morning ritual of sorts…while I am preparing a nice hot cup of coffee for myself in the kitchen, I love watching these peaks of Stok Range and wonder what surprise is nature going to enthrall me with today? (A little heads up for those who are new to my page! I am a Travel and Landscape photographer. Lived 3 years in Ladakh, India and an absolute mountain lover) Incase you are getting little envious of me right now for being surrounded with such a beautiful view…well I’ll let you. Yes, I have felt totally blessed for being in Ladakh (a place I call home away from home) and experience the magical raw beauty of this place. Despite tourism and the new generation of Ladakhis, Ladakh has managed to protect its authentic charm in its old hands. Being a bit old school, I have embraced the authenticity with open arms.


“I absolutely recommend Ladakh as a place to visit in India. Pick up your pen and add it to your bucket list.”

It’s a photographer’s dream, a biker’s delight and an absolutely gorgeous tourist destination!! But be prepared, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Ladakh holds my heart and soul…no matter where I go.


“Beyond the four walls… among the brown mountains and the snowy peaks, bluish-green rivers and the pure pure breeze, under the clear blue skies and the golden trees.”

My heart is where life is at peace!

PS: Any questions, feel free to ask.

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