Damn…Look at the ‘DAM’


So, yesterday I went on a little road trip, Sundays make me restless to get out and explore…especially being in Ladakh since there is so much to see! I am always just waiting to grab a chance to go out with my camera and get lost in its beauty. After one and a half year also I am as excited and fascinated by mountains as I was the day I set my foot on this holy land… probably my second tattoo is going to have mountains in it. Anyway…

This is a frozen Dam about 40 Km from Leh, capital of Ladakh. The place was so serene. How beautiful the frozen water looks. I was so tempted to walk on it, even tried stepping on the edge but suddenly there were weird sounds coming from the water and I decided may it was not such a good idea. On the right side is a small village all the way down in the valley and looking over, I tried to imagine what kind of life the people of that village lead?…imagine living in absolute silence, surrounded by mountains and beautiful streams, cut off from the daily chaos of the city life..not that Ladakh is chaotic but for them it might be. How peaceful their minds must be…after all we are all searching for that small measure of peace, only few of us truly ever find it!

Even though this was the highlight of the day, the whole drive to the place was absolutely spectacular because of the beautiful landscape. We (me, my hubby and another couple) were surrounded by snow clad mountains and frozen streams, open barren lands with some brown mountains displaying various shades of brown and purple due to the sun light reflecting on them. I just went gaga over them and just couldn’t stop photographing them… I don’t know what it is about the mountains but they are mesmerizing. Standing in front of them in absolute silence, they connect with you on a sub-conscious level. Just like everyone has a go to place…mountains are my solace, every time I stand in front of them I am unable to pull away from them.

Anyway, how beautiful is this place??



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