Tempted…is how I feel!

I am currently exploring Ladakh (India) and I have to say…

A shot of me trekking!

It is hard not to be entranced by the austere beauty of the terrain of Ladakh, its immensity and emptiness. After living here for over an year, I have no doubt in my mind that I belong to the mountains and definitely ain’t built for the city life…no wonder I keep running off to the Hill Stations for vacations. These giants make me feel alive…its a temptation I cannot resist!

While trekking, surrounded by mountains and streams it made me wonder, how we are falling in the web of technology day by day and getting disconnected from the nature. We always seem to be surrounded or glued to some gadget or the other. What happened to the simple pleasures of life? We seem to be lost in the concrete jungle instead of losing ourselves in the lap of nature…just spending time away from the mobile or the laptop for once and enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking views the nature has gifted us. When was the last time you went on a picnic or decided to go for a leisurely walk with a clear mind? Just taking a break from your daily routine and going out camping under the starry sky with a bonfire and the company of your friends or loved ones or going hiking? Spend a day on top of the mountains and beneath the stars…live for the moments you can’t put into words!


via Daily Prompt: Tempted


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