A walk to remember


Ladakh is slowly falling in a slumber! Everything is shutting down…markets, restaurants; the streets get deserted by 8 pm and everything gets dark as people prepare to call it a night, all cozy and cuddled in their homes trying to beat the cold. Walking down the dark alleys, the only companions are the stray dogs fighting the chilly winter breeze huddled up on roads. Everything is quiet and calm. There is something about this air…I have never enjoyed walking around or rather strolling as much as I do here. Now that hardly any shops are open the trips have also been cut short though I still love walking around sometimes in the winter breeze braving the cold, covered head to toe with only my eyes visible…reminds me of a fluffy bear.

Oh! How I miss… lazily walking through those narrow lanes discovering new shops and restaurants everytime. The atmosphere is so laid back here. People of Ladakh are in no hurry. The best part about walking is that even though in the middle of crowd and a bit of chaos at times I always find my own little comfy bubble…cut off from the world when needed.

The market is spread out in sections. Sometimes one can’t even imagine that a lovely little shop or a cafe would be tucked in a dingy place among those alleys. It’s been 1 year and I still have lots to explore and embrace. Somtimes it worries me that I’ll not be able to see all those amazing and beautiful places as time is running out before I pack my bags again and move to another land. I have always had a lovely time visiting the market… sometimes it was just for window shopping and then getting tempted by the aroma coming from the beautiful and cozy little cafes like in the above picture. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the hot coffee aroma teasing me and inviting me in to sit and relax on the comfy couch while enjoying some yummy chicken sandwiches and watching the people outside go by…carrying on with their lives. Even though small moments but these are what make for wonderful memories after a while…


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