As the sun goes down…


As the day ends the last rays of the sun falls over the mountain range making the peak glow… That’s the shot from my recent visit to ‘Shanti Stupa’, a symbol of world peace. I have been there 3 times before and this particular visit was basically to drag my hubby to see it! We have been in Ladakh for almost an year and a half and he hasn’t had the time to visit the place. It was so peaceful just standing there and watching the sunset. This time even the prayers were playing on the loud speakers…ah! how wonderful it was. I still remember my last meeting with a lama there. He was doing some restoration work and started to chat with me while I was clicking some photographs. We had a short discussion about world peace because due to time constraints I had to cut it short. Co- incidentally I met him again after 6 months maybe as I was leaving and ended up discussing mental peace this time… Surprisingly he remembered me!


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