A small measure of peace!

Chemrey Monastary

I recently went on a road trip to explore more of Ladakh…its beauty and rich culture. I will tell you something, Ladakh is such a mesmerizing place that one cannot help but fall in its spell…a spell that attracts bikers, poets, travelers, explorers (like me) and those looking for a small measure of peace. No matter how many people visit each year, it somehow holds everything together…maintaining its purity, raw natural beauty and its culture. There is something fascinating about the ‘simplicity of life’ here. The hardships the people of Ladakh face, yet the contentment they live with…no greed…just earning a living with a smile on their faces.

There is a rich deep spiritual aura hidden in this land. Where ever one goes, the spiritual connection cannot be denied. It automatically connects with you. The landscapes speak to you, sometimes making you feel minuscule…wondering what our purpose is, in this universe. Its a place where you get enlightenment and grow…maybe even come back for more.

Some way or the other…you will fall in love!


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