A visit to Tadkeshwar, Lansdowne

About 40 km from Lansdowne, a secluded, unspoiled but full with Holy faith of Lord Shiva devotees, lies Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple. Before I go any further, I have to tell you this…I am not a very religious person but I do believe in God and honestly I have never felt so awesome visiting a temple as I did here. The locals spoke so much about how peaceful and quiet the place was that I just had to visit!

So after a lovely drive among the clouds and enjoying the beautiful views on the way, I finally arrived to this deserted location somewhere in a forested area. First impression was…how quiet it was here!


The view around

As per legend, Tarkasur was a demon who meditated and worshiped Lord Shiva for boon, at this very place. Happy with his devotion, Lord Shiva gave him the boon of immortality. Soon Tarkasur started doing evil by killing Saints and destroying peaceful environment on Earth.The saints asked for help from Lord Shiva, disturbed by the evil of Tarkasur, Lord Shiva married Parvati and Kartikeya was born who in turn killed the demon. But at the time of death, Tarkasur asked for pardon from Lord Shiva. Mahadev (Lord Shiva) attached his name to the temple and gave him boon to be prayed in kalyug also. Thus the place, Tarkeshwar Mahadev.

On my way to the temple

Once I entered the so called gate, the pin drop silence hit me. I have never experienced silence like this. Standing there is believing. Its like you could stand right there and meditate. So I really enjoyed the walk to the temple…surrounded by flora on both sides, it felt wonderful connecting with nature. Its a long walk to the temple and the silence keeps increasing the closer you get to the temple.


On the left comes the accommodation in the middle of the forest, cut off from the world. How peaceful the life of these people must be? How would it feel living here in the forest? What difficulties they must face, cut off from the outside world?..I thought to myself standing there. Any way, moving on…


Oh! and there it is, the first glimpse of the temple. Honestly, I was already enjoying walking around in the forest, that for a minute I forgot why I was there.

Entrance of the temple
The pathway

Once you reach the main gate, the pathway to the temple has lots of bells on both the sides starting from the main gate to the temple. It is difficult to believe that such a beautiful place lies hidden deep in the forest.


Now I know the reason behind the purity one feels standing there and inhaling the fresh air.

I definitely found my peace!

I could have spent hours over there but I had to get back before it got dark. Its better to avoid visiting in the evening as the roads can be a little risky at night. I mean they are so narrow that it makes you wonder how two vehicles are going to pass each other. Also mountainous roads can be dangerous too…especially when the weather is bad.

Here are a few snapshots I clicked exploring the place.

Standing under the giants!
Its all about faith



And with a heavy heart I left the place…


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