Lansdowne, travel tale continues!

So, In my first post I showed you my lovely accommodation and basically told you how I went gaga over it. Well, without bragging about it further I’ll share the better part of it!

Before I say anything further, I really want to thank God for supporting me weather wise as I went ‘off season’ and rains were a dominant factor. But I got to tell you, I have never spend so much and such beautiful time in clouds. No I am not high, but really, my whole holiday was spent roaming in clouds most of the time and I got photos to prove it!



I wasn’t kidding!


So, I started my exploration around the bungalow once the rains stopped. Every time I visit a Hill Station I wonder if I could actually live/settle in such a peaceful and a quiet place…I have always been a sucker for mountains but now that I think of it, I am probably heading towards a ‘Zen’ life. Am I?…Nah! I don’t think I could quit my love for all the adventure and exploring. Anyway, check out these shots!

All set with my cameras & gear!
The view in front of my room
Around the bungalow
The place where I cured my hunger,few steps from my room.

Thank God they had a Bar here, a small and a cozy little place. The weather was pretty cold and Brandy definitely came to my rescue!

The haunted house 
The history of the bungalow

This little bungalow comes on the way to the restaurant. It was really exciting crossing the place at night, especially after reading the history. The whole place is kind of secluded from the main bungalow with these huge trees and it was absolutely pitch dark here. It was amazing to see how old these structures were.

One of the shots of the beautiful trees there.

Well, this is what I explored on my second day here. Lansdowne is a place for those who wish to take a quiet little break from their daily life and all the stress. Let me tell you, this place doesn’t have much to offer except a small little market with few eating joints and hotels nearby, nothing really fancy but pretty decent. Also, spending time with nature and enjoying what it has to offer. If you love History then you must visit the Museum, its absolutely worth it! Sorry, but photography is not allowed there. So everything is in my head.

But if you really love all the quietness and peace…this is a beautiful little place to visit and spend some quality time. Probably even re-kindle some flames!! 😉

Cheers for now!



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