A day among Tibetans!

I love exploring new places, so I decided to utilise my Sunday doing just that!

Even though the weather in Delhi is a killer right now and honestly I am having a though time beating the heat since my body has got used to cooler places like Ladakh, but anyway I didn’t let it spoil my day. So geared up with my camera, water and a hanky (a must) I headed out to the Tibetan’s community, quietly tucked away in the chaos of Delhi.

_DSC0562 (2)-01

So as you enter the gates, after few steps comes this lovely little monastery. Unfortunately it was closed when I reached there. But later I got lucky as I was about to leave…


With hardly any crowd it was so peaceful. Meandering through tight lanes I could not imagine that I ‘ll be enjoying my Sunday roaming around and exploring the market. It was like playing treasure hunt!

Below are the pictures of the main area. Lazily strolling around I decided to capture some moments which I wanted to share with you all.



Such a peaceful community!
The tempting and attractive Souvenirs!


It was unbelievable that such huge and beautiful shops were hidden in the interiors. Even a non- shopaholic like me got a little tempted!

The moment before I almost emptied my pockets!!

Anyway, all that exploring gave me hunger pangs and the numerous cosy eat joints leave you spoilt for choice. From small cafes to large restaurants with soothing decor and  good ambience, there is something for everyone. I gorged on some yummy noodles and Hot & Sour chicken. Sorry for not clicking pictures of the restaurant, I got lost in the food! But did click one shot. So peaceful, quiet and fully air- conditioned…what a relief!


Getting out of my comfort zone again and back on the sunny street, I clicked this one last shot to end my trip. It made me feel I was back in Ladakh!


Can’t wait to get back to the mountains again…




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