When time stood still!


How do you feel when you look at this photograph?? Is it just a photograph or you can relate to it in some way?

To me its part of the most treasured memories I am gonna have till I walk this earth. This is from my literally back breaking and a dusty road trip I did a while back, accompanying my hubby. I went to places where a traveller or a tourist might not go. There were times when the roads were almost missing and with all the bumps, I felt my organs were displaced ( of course not actually). Another reason this photograph is special to me is because I actually got a chance to sit and soak in this beautiful view. Since we had time restrictions I ended up doing most of my photography from a moving vehicle and some how managed to take pretty good shots. This view took away all my body aches I had after the rough drive and I just melted in it…The time stood still for me and I forgot my surroundings!

No matter how rough things got, seeing such beautiful views and being able to sit and enjoy them…I am definitely ready for another trip!


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