Daily Prompt: Maybe A lesson could be learnt… ‘maybe’

The other day while sorting out my photographs of Ladakh, I came across pictures I had clicked on my visit to the market once. These were just random shots then, but now I feel they make some sense.


At the cost of self- praise, I am a good observer and I can’t help but notice how content people of Ladakh are! I have been in Ladakh for almost one year now and can totally understand their hardships to some extent. Besides all the mesmerizing beauty this place is not for the weak hearted. The weather is extreme with hardly any comforts available to the people. I am myself living without much facilities. The basic necessities of life have become luxury for me- like the free flowing water, a geyser in winters, cooking my own meals and all the things that make a house a home.


The only time Ladakhi people earn a living is in summers. In winters they have to survive on their earnings as everything closes and comes to a stand still. As the winters are too harsh, the roads get closed by snow and hardly any supplies come up from the plains.

Yet these people are always happy and smiling. The lack of comforts and the hardships are no barriers for them. They  will  never bargain even at the cost of losing a customer. No matter who it is, a shopkeeper or a vegetable seller sitting on the pavement… they are absolutely content with life. They have no greed in them…they seem to have figured it out!


People of Ladakh are the perfect example of the fact that life is not about materialism, building huge homes, running after money working your ass off  in 9-5 jobs. There is much more to life. It’s about living the moments, connecting with your inner self and leading a simple life. Maybe we really don’t need everything that we collect in our life to make a home, life is bigger than materialistic things. Even though I am not materialistic but they have definitely taught me how happy one can be when you connect with yourself and life.

Simplicity is the need for present times!

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