Weekday Get away!

I think unplanned getaways are the best, when at the spur of the moment you decide to explore a place. But…sometimes it doesn’t work as planned. I ended up having a similar experience.

I had heard about Sohna and its ‘hot springs’ and the Damdama Lake a few times, so decided to visit the place. Fully geared with my cameras and equipment I took the road trip. Hustling through the chaotic city I reached a quieter zone with beautiful canopy of trees and open fields.


The curiosity of what was coming next grew more. Even the weather God was kind enough not to roast me under the summer heat. Anyway, after crossing a village through narrow roads I reached the Damdama Lake. This is what I captured.


Standing in front of it and looking at it I just felt a sense of calmness. I thought how serene it looked. I could spend sometime just sitting here and looking at this, the quiet ripples in the water, Buffalos  grazing on the green pasture and feeling the cool breeze.


Or stay in a place like this for a while, writer’s retreat may be! 🙂


Well, but I had more to explore, so after taking some shots I moved on, not really wanting to leave. Satisfied with the view I definitely did not expect the next segment of my trip. I reached the Hot Sulphur Springs!…after walking through meandering roads and still hoping to find the destination I had been imagining.


I had imagined something in the open surrounded by nature but I ended up reaching here!


Out of the Sohna city is an traditional Shiva temple and a sulphur hot spring connected to it. The main tank is known as Shiv Kund and is said to have healing properties. It is believed that several diseases can be cured by taking a dip in the water. Also believers consider it sacred to take a dip during solar and lunar eclipses. So after offering my prayers I decided to end my trip at some place nice and quiet.

Finding Taj Gateway Resort and Spa on my way back, I decided to take a break here. Quietly tucked in the interiors, away from the city, its a beautiful place to hangout. Here are some snapshots…enjoy!





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