A love affair

I have no idea as to why I have always had a very strong connection with Ladakh and Buddhism,  even though I am not a Buddhist. I travel a lot but never ever have I found the peace, tranquility or a sense of belonging like I do here. It feels like home, as if I belong here even though I know I’ll be travelling again to some other destination after awhile.  Its a place I am so attached to that my heart sinks whenever I leave to visit my actual home or any other place.

This amazing place has changed me a lot…it has helped me grow, see things from different perspective, understand life and its meaning better. It has opened my mind to new dimensions and made me a better person. It has taught me to live life!

A close shot of Zanskar range

Ladakh has a lot to offer. From being a photographer’s paradise and perfect destination for travel buffs, it’s also a place where you can find yourself and all the answers you are looking for in life (can’t explain it). The experiences you have leave an lasting impact and you keep wanting to come back for more. It definitely changes you!


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